domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Exercícios de Inglês para a 7ª série - Revisão para a prova de recuperação

Atenção alunos e alunas do 7º ano . Vocês estão estudando para a prova de recuperação de Inglês ? Façam os exercícios e teste seus conhecimentos. Bom estudo.
1) Answer these questions
a) Peter is not a good swimmer . Can he swim ?


b) Cristiano Ronald is a famous soccer player. Can he play soccer ?


c) Helen is a famous painter. Can she draw ?


2) Fill in the blanks with do, does , don´t or doesn´t :
a) __________________ you like those pants ?
b) Bertha ___________________ love cats.
c) ________________ Karl play soccer?
d) They ___________________ eat at school.
e) ________________ Beth like to use sunglasses ?

3) Write the correct object pronoun to substitute words.
a) Do you like cats? I love ________________________.
b) . Dan likes Peter but Vicky hates _________________.
c) Jimmy is bad at math . I'm very good at __________________.
d) Mary likes this book very much. I like _________________ too.
6. John! Where are you? I can't see ___________________. 7. My mum loves my brother and me. She loves ____________.

4) Reading the text and answer :
The driver

Gustavo works far away from his home. He drives a car to work. It takes him 3 hours to get there. Gustavo drives. While he drives, he thinks about many things. He thinks about his little girl. She likes to ride horses. He thinks about his little boy. He plays fireman all the time. He thinks about his wife. She milks the cows on the farm. Gustavo thinks of things he has to do when he gets home. He needs to cut the grass. He needs to water the flowers. He wants to read a story to his little girl. He wants to play a game with his little boy. He wants to sit with his wife. He wants to tell her about his day.

4.1) How does Gustavo get to work?
A. By bus B. By car C. By horse D. By train

4.2) What does Gustavo do when he drives?
A. He sings. B. He talks. C. He thinks. D. He works

4.3) What does Gustavo think about? ▼Check all that are correct.
A. His car. B. His little boy. C. His wife. D. His work.

4.4) What does his little boy like to play?

4.5) What does Gustavo need to do when he gets home?

4.6) What does Gustavo want to do when he gets home?

Bom estudo ! Boa Prova!